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High king of classic Japanese Films.
Akira Kurasawa is most widely known for his "Samurai" films, including "Seven Samurai"(his best) , "Yojimbo" and "Ran"(which was based on Shakespeare's "King Lear").

  If you haven't ever seen an actual Kurasawa film then you've still probably seen a movie inspired by one of his own. The film "The Magnificent Seven" is a direct american remake Of "Seven Samurai"(instead of samurai, it's cowboys). George Lucas has also cited all kurasawa films as a major influence on his "Star Wars" trilogy.Kurasawa also succesfully adapted Shakespeare to the Japanese screen several times. In "Ran"( based on "King Lear") and in "Throne of Blood"( based on "Macbeth" and one of my personal favorites).